The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

Notes on the Decipherment of Tartessian as Celtic
Monograph No. 62 by Terrence Kaufman

This study is an investigation of the Tartessian inscriptions from SW Iberia that were produced between 750 and 500 BCE: Introduction-Preface-Foreword; The Tartessian Inscriptions; the Tartessian Polity and the Tartessian Language; Tartessian is Celtic; The Tartessian Writing System; Some Methodological points on Decipherment; Conclusions Regarding the Linguistic Features of Tartessian; The position of Tartessian within Celtic; Another “Decipherment” of Tartessian as Celtic; Place names and personal names submitted by Greeks and Romans; Non-Celtic Material in Tartessian; Non-alpha-syllabic sources of Tartessian material; Names; Tartessian texts transcribed and analyzed; Tartessian Vocabulary; Indo-European words for ‘wolf’ and ‘fox’; Abbreviations and conventions; Bibliography

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2015, Pages 526
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