The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

Ireland and Armenia: Studies in Indo-European Language,
History and Narrative
Proceedings of an International Interdisciplinary Symposium held at Matenadaran (Yerevan, Armenia) between 7-9 September 2009

Monograph No. 61 Edited by Maxim Fomin, Alvard Jivanyan
and Séamus Mac Mathúna

For a number of years linguists have identified similarities between Celtic and Armenian; and some have suggested that this may have been due to proto-Celtic and proto-Armenian having separated from proto-Indo-European at roughly the same time ‒ one moving westwards and the other eastwards. The thirteen contributors to this monograph not only confirm the existence of such similarities in language, but also draw attention to parallels in mythology, thereby showing that the relationship is more complex than was previously thought.
Introduction. Séamus Mac Mathúna, Maxim Fomin & Alvard Jivanyan; Keynote Address. Séamus Mac Mathúna Creative witness in Ireland and Armenia: Parallels in Historiography, the Eremetical Tradition, Myth and Legend. Part 1. Indo-European Dimension. Karl Horst Schmidt Armenian and Celtic: Towards a New Classification of Early Indo-European Dialects; Alexander Falileyev & Petr Kocharov Celtic, Armenian and Eastern Indo-European Languages: Comments on a Recent Hypothesis; Maxim Fomin Armenia in Ireland: Indo-European Cognates, Medieval Legends and Pseudo-Historical Accounts Part 2. Origin Myths and Legends Armen Petrosyan Armenia and Ireland: Myths of Prehistory; Sergey Ivanov Armenia: the Cradle of the Gaels and the Amazons?; John Carey Lore of Origins in Medieval Ireland Part 3. Christianity in Armenia and in Ireland Hayk Hakobyan Adoption of Christianity in Armenia: Legend and Reality; Hamlet Petrosyan Similarities between the Early Christian Armenian Monuments and the Irish High Crosses in the Light of New Discoveries; Dean Miller The Byzantine and Armenian Cultural Interface: A Sketch; Natalia Abelian Re-Introduction of Lithic Discourse to Britain and Ireland: Armenian-Byzantine Influence Part 4. Narrative, Historical Poetics and Folklore. Sargis Harutyunyan On Some Ritual Mythological Features of the Armenian Epic Daredevils of Sassoun; Alvard Jivanyan Metamorphosis as a Major Fairy Trope in Irish and Armenian Tales

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