JIES Online

Online subscription Facts

Online Access

Online subscriptions are accessed through the JIES website:
- Go to www.jies.org
- Click on JIES Online Access button, on left-hand side of the page, to reach the Online access page featuring the latest issue. Links at the bottom of that page give access to past issues.


There are three levels of Online subscriptions. Rates are determined by the number of potential end-users and the number of locations where the subscription can be accessed.

- For this purpose, an end-user is defined as any person who might access the online subscription (i.e. students, researchers, staff and visitors potentially interested in the content of JIES or requiring access to the online subscription).

- For this purpose, a location is defined as one or multiple campuses located in a single town or city. A campus outside this area is considered to be an additional location.  A location in a different country requires a separate subscription.

Subscription rates

Other Information
  • Online subscriptions are available only to Libraries & Institutions with dedicated IP addresses.
  • Online subscriptions are to be accessed by the subscribing Institution or Library ONLY and not affiliated institutions or libraries.
  • Online subscriptions are good until cancelled. Cancellations must be made prior to the online publication of the cancelled volume.
  • Online subscriptions provide access to all issues since Volume 34 (2006).
  • An Online subscription order for a subscription previously lapsed or cancelled within the past two years will only be accepted if the intervening unsubscribed year(s) are ordered. The second unsubscribed year will be billed at a reduced rate.