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The Journal of Indo-European Studies also publishes an extensive Monograph Series. The vast majority of Monographs are kept permanently in print and available for purchase. As volumes appear at irregular intervals and differ in size and price, no subscription is available however a standing order may be placed to receive a proforma invoice at the publication of each new monograph. Private individual subscribers to The Journal of Indo-European Studies receive a 20% discount on the price of Monographs. Please visit Monograph Series on our website for the complete list of monographs and prices.

Linguistics Research Center

We also recommend the large and valuable collection of linguistic references, including Indo-European languages, Indo-European linguistics, Indo-European culture, Indo-European texts, online documents, scholars' publications, and more, found at the Linguistics Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

This online collection was designed as a service to scholars and members of the public interested in Indo-European language and culture. Creation of these resources was supported by the Diebold Foundation. The LRC's long-range goal is to provide resources for specialists and non-specialists alike on the history and interrelatedness of languages and cultures. We remain grateful to the Center for producing our original 1999 index.