The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

The Bundahišn
Monograph No. 68 — By William W. Malandra

The Bundahišn was a sort of final clearinghouse for Iranian religion and cosmogony, completed shortly before the Arabian conquest of Iran and the extinguishing of most forms of Indo-Iranian religion from the world (the Parsees being the sole relicts of that faith now). It has been mined extensively by scholars – especially Georges Dumézil – for the many traces of the Indo-European past it contains. With his encyclopedic knowledge of IE linguistics and Sanskrit and classical literature, Professor Malandra has accompanied his translation with notes which not only illuminate the more confusing elements of the text, but also ground it in the world of Indo-European and Indo-Aryan literature. Readers will surely appreciate the author’s clear and engaging writing as he guides them through this intriguing text.
Preface; List of Abbreviations; 12-page Introduction; Translation of The Bundahišn, chapters I-XXXVI with extensive notes; Appendix A - Translation of the Wizīdagīhā ī Zādspram text with notes; Appendix B - Calendar & Reckoning; Appendix C - Planets & Stars; References; Extensive Index.

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