The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

An Introduction to Old Russian
Monograph No. 15 – By William R. Schmalstieg

This monograph presents Old Russian from which Eastern Slavic languages developed. Chapter one provides a helpful introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet. Chapter two concerns phonology, presenting how Slavonic became a branch in the Indo-European language family and Russian a distinct language among the Slavonic languages. The other chapters are on morphology: the adjective, pronoun and numeral, noun, verb, and on cases, after which there is a selection of readings from the Primary Chronicle, the Igor Tale and the Smolensk Treaty as well as vocabulary and references. This work is of particular interest to Indo-Europeanists.
The Cyrillic Alphabet; Brief Remarks on Phonology; The Adjective, Pronoun and Numeral; The Noun; The Verb; A Few Remarks on Syntax; Reading Selections; Vocabulary; References.

ISBN 0-941694-49-6
1996, Pages 312
Paperback: $68.00

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