The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

Ireland and Armenia: Studies in Indo-European Language,
History and Narrative
Proceedings of an International Interdisciplinary Symposium held at Matenadaran (Yerevan, Armenia) between 7-9 September 2009
Monograph 61 Edited by Maxim Fomin, Alvard Jivanyan and Séamus Mac Mathúna

Séamus Mac Mathúna, Maxim Fomin and Alvard Jivanyan: Introduction; Keynote Address. Séamus Mac Mathúna: Creative witness in Ireland and Armenia: Parallels in Historiography, the Eremetical Tradition, Myth and Legend. Part 1. Indo-European Dimension. Karl Horst Schmidt: Armenian and Celtic: Towards a New Classification of Early Indo-European Dialects; Alexander; Falileyev & Petr Kocharov: Celtic, Armenian and Eastern Indo-European Languages: Comments on a Recent Hypothesis; Maxim Fomin: Armenia in Ireland: Indo-European Cognates, Medieval Legends and Pseudo-Historical Accounts. Part 2. Origin Myths and Legends. Armen Petrosyan: Armenia and Ireland: Myths of Prehistory; Sergey Ivanov: Armenia: the Cradle of the Gaels and the Amazons?; John Carey: Lore of Origins in Medieval Ireland; Cross-cultural interface; Part 3. Christianity in Armenia and in Ireland; Hayk Hakobyan: Adoption of Christianity in Armenia: Legend and Reality; Hamlet Petrosyan: Similarities between the Early Christian Armenian Monuments and the Irish High Crosses in the Light of New Discoveries; Dean Miller: The Byzantine and Armenian Cultural Interface: A Sketch; Natalia Abelian: Re-Introduction of Lithic Discourse to Britain and Ireland: Armenian-Byzantine Influence: Part 4. Narrative, Historical Poetics and Folklore. Sargis Harutyunyan: On Some Ritual Mythological Features of the Armenian Epic Daredevils of Sassoun; Alvard Jivanyan: Metamorphosis as a Major Fairy Trope in Irish and Armenian Tales.

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